About Me

I am Sowmy VJ, based in London. I grew up in a middle class family in India, where I was told that the purpose in life is to study well, get a job and settle down.

I really don’t know what ‘settle’ means, but I am unsettled by inequality, particularly within countries, communities, and the type that deprives people of food, education, access to health care, fair chances of gaining employment, a decent pay, and a chance to put a roof over their head. With all the resources in the world, that shouldn’t be a dream, yet that is out of reach for vast swathes of our population.

Climate Change

I became acutely aware of the risks that the world faces, due to climate change, sometime around 2018. Physical climate risks such as floods, landslides, droughts, and wild fires, deprive people of their homes, and their livelihood. A transition to a low/ zero carbon future is possible, however the policies being introduced, exacerbate inequality for the same deprived lot.

Photo by Callum Shaw on Unsplash

Now what about forests, animals, and the oceans that we have destroyed to fuel our unending consumption spree? They are acutely affected by climate change too. We recognised climate change as a problem facing the planet before I was born, however we have done precious little to limit the damage, and to save the planet we call, home.

Why change the DNA of capitalism?

My research encompasses economics, public policy, climate science, carbon transition, and it’s collective impact on social and economic inequality. We beleive that the solutions lie in fundamentally changing the DNA of capitalism, and how capital is utlised to create value. That’s the essense of the Helix methodology.

Here, we will discuss:

  • Practical Solutions

  • Real World Progress being made

  • Honour and celebrate the champions of this transformation

  • Provide Inspiration for you to make changes

  • 0% Virtue Signalling

  • 0% Wokism

I think that it is not all doom and gloom, and we can create unique opportunities to make choices for our collective future on this planet. These include :

  • innovative methods to green the planet

  • financing a new economy

  • jobs in the new economy

  • methods to improve quality of life

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I run an asset management business that's focused on transition finance. I am part of a team that's radically transforming the DNA of capitalism. My books are available on Amazon.